Increasing in brightness

Just when I was about to be engulfed by darkness

You reached out Your hand and grasped me tightly

You never once let go, how then can I let go

Everything I am was created by You

Everything I am shall belong to You

Searching for You in the world that does not know You

While You have joined me before I awakened

You shall be One with me henceforth

Nothing I do shall separate me from You

Becoming Me

To bring love and hope into the world with my words. So when you read it you know how immensely loved you are by Our Heavenly Father.

All the love and warmth you feel do not come from me, they come from God. The Light that shines through me.

May all that I do, all that I am, be acceptable as a living sacrifice, all to the glory of God.

It doesn’t matter where I am or where my steps take me, because God chose me knowing the way I am. He created me, after all, out of love. Just like how He created you, out of love.

He never gave us any test we cannot handle. Every experience He planned for us only meant to help us grow, to arrive closer to our completion, so we can find our way back to Him.


Everything meant for me, God shall reveal in time.

Everything that’s not good for me, God shall protect me from.

So all that I do, every step I take, will lead me back to Him.

Seasonal Change

There’s a time for peace,

There’s a time for war,

There’s a time to love,

There’s a time to fight,

There’s a time to reflect,

There’s a time to let go.


Everything I never intended,

Shall never materialise.

Anything that’s not real

Shall surely evaporate in time.


May everything I do henceforth

Be pure, good, and lovely,

Acceptable as an offer

All to the glory of God.

Adoramus Coeli

You told me to trust You

You’ll take care of me, like You’ve always done

Everyone You put on my way is to bring me closer to You

And if I want to help You, so You don’t have to care for it all alone, then I should only occupy myself with what makes me happy

Knowing that everything I touch becomes more beautiful, because it makes me happy

And that makes You happy

And that makes me happy

Walk of Life

Purpose of my writing

To translate the richness of my inner sea into something more substantial for the world to grasps. So when you read it you know you are not alone.

I hope it shan’t be used as a sword against me by people with intentions other than this.


Since I met God, it became easier for me to distinguish anything that is not real. When one is opposite the image of Real Love, it becomes a source of example for anything else. Even conversations. One senses clearly when something is all-encompassingly present, and when something is clearly missing. In the absence of heart, nothing real can ever be forged.

The weather is nice, let’s go for a walk

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Somewhere deep in the forest, that’s when I had my best conversations. With Him, and anyone else. I suppose the calmness of His Creation can be very much soothing; and therefore, inspiring, and bonding. Especially when we walked next to each other.


I will give you Peoples to take care of

I need to know, if you’re willing to accept


Will you love them like I love you?

Will you save them from the Evil One?