A magical feeling

Particles descending from Heaven


With which we become one


And if I were to follow You

Wherever You’ll bring me

I have to prepare myself for the Goodbyes along the roads

And if I were to prepare myself

For the ultimate goodbye one day

I am only going to be happy

For the practice I got



Every now and then

The moon turns around

You cannot see her face

But you can feel the other part of her

Cold, distant, forever intact


And you know

You’re about to lose her



Brighter and increasing in brilliance

So bright that I knew it was You

Blissful happiness

So close

Caressing my face

And I smiled

Profoundly in love



So bright that I woke up

Somewhere in the middle of

The night

With a smile

Knowing You just showed Yourself

to the mortal me


Last week of this life apart from You



Very soon

Where I’ll become You

And You’ll be united with me


How I have lived so long without You

Without knowing what I was missing


Guide me with every choice I make

Enlighten my path so I continue to walk towards You


Always towards

Never apart


Never permit me to be separated from You


When He is my Source

I can never be emptied

If I can give back into the world

The light, the inspiration, the love

I received

Let that be

Wherever I might be

Even if one day I might not be where I am

I know He shall remain with you,

Wherever you may be

Eternal Love

When we are searching for words

We cannot find

But You know us better than we know ourselves

And You give Your Word to us

Making us aware of Your Eternal Presence


All the confusions

All the human passions

There to excite

There to incite

Just to entertain our boredom

Until we find our purpose

Until we feel Your love

And nothing compares with that


Eyes speak, when lips are sealed

Voice covered, yet silence revealed


He could only admire her from afar

Even that was too close to her


Because to the Sun she belonged

One should never stare at, directly