The night, calm and tranquil

Like waves, the stars were dancing


The silence of a breeze

After she fell asleep

Seasonal Change

There’s a time for peace,

There’s a time for war,

There’s a time to love,

There’s a time to fight,

There’s a time to reflect,

There’s a time to let go.


Everything I never intended,

Shall never materialise.

Anything that’s not real

Shall surely evaporate in time.


May everything I do henceforth

Be pure, good, and lovely,

Acceptable as an offer

All to the glory of God.


History was not written to be forgotten. We learn as we live. But not enough in a lifetime. So we learn from the lessons of another. Those who conquered more than we have. Those who contributed to a world better than when they arrived. And if we think about the struggles of another, just because their circumstances are different when life began. How much a waste it is to our time to spend it on trivial matters, when we can use what we can to make their life a bit brighter instead.