Interesting in some ways

Liberating now I see


Whenever I’m about to go for Plan B

You’ll show me what Your Plan A was all along


It annoys me in a way

As We could have agreed more efficiently

My Dog

I just saw an old picture

Of one of those days

When I was contemplating if I should go to an exclusive Kempinski party or to go swimming

But then I came home and walked you instead

We went out for a long walk, because that’s what made you happy

And it made me happy, because I could finally give you what you deserved

And I felt peaceful and tranquil

Knowing you remained the home I wished to come home to


I prefer the love

To any other alternative

Because without it

The world would be a colourless shell


And I remain waiting

While I was sent for a purpose


Love is the only reason I remain





For You to call me to that very purpose for which You created me with


If that means You prefer to keep me all to Yourself, so You’ll breath Your Words into my Soul, then let that be

But if You want me to use all the talents You gave me in this world You created with these richness of people You created

Then You must show me My Roads, for I am tired of figuring this out without You


And if I remember that everything I did I did out of love for You

That every choice I make leads me back to You

Than all the consequences I would have to bear I wear them as an honour to You

So all that I do, all that I am, I remain,

all to the glory of God


History was not written to be forgotten. We learn as we live. But not enough in a lifetime. So we learn from the lessons of another. Those who conquered more than we have. Those who contributed to a world better than when they arrived. And if we think about the struggles of another, just because their circumstances are different when life began. How much a waste it is to our time to spend it on trivial matters, when we can use what we can to make their life a bit brighter instead.

Living Temple

When they see you outside the Church, let them believe that I exist

When they see you in the Church, let them see that I am with you

Let them know that I am around you, always

And I can be around them too


Probably quite hard to measure, if I compare your leadership skills with my beloved Jesus.

Then again, if I can help you to become a better leader, I guess that was the Grace God gave to my Purpose.


I will do good work wherever I am. Because the work I do is my honour to God.

When everything else is temporary, everything else becomes bearable, because You are my only eternal.