So I finally crossed the road, and came to the lake. Adjacent to the lake was another forest. I walked in, and took another turn. Not knowing where it will bring me, allowing myself to get lost. Because I know You’ll take me out before the sun goes down. Before the night falls and darkness comes.

And even if the night falls. I shan’t be afraid. Because You have been my Light, throughout the darkest night of all. While I tried to run away, You grabbed my hand tightly. You never once let go, how then can I let go.

While one forest leads me into another, I looked around me. The roads I have taken, and the roads I had passed. All the beauty I had to take the time to see, because You took the time to show me the magnificence of Your work. If everything You do says that You love me, all I can do is to trust You to bring me back to You.

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