Towards You

So I finally crossed the road, and came to the lake. Adjacent to the lake was another forest. I walked in, and took another turn. Not knowing where it will bring me, allowing myself to get lost. Because I know You’ll take me out before the sun goes down. Before the night falls and darkness comes.

And even if the night falls. I shan’t be afraid. Because You have been my Light, throughout the darkest night of all. While I tried to run away, You grabbed my hand tightly. You never once let go, how then can I let go.

While one forest leads me into another, I looked around me. The roads I have taken, and the roads I had passed. All the beauty I had to take the time to see, because You took the time to show me the magnificence of Your work. If everything You do says that You love me, all I can do is to trust You to bring me back to You.


It does not require effort nor energy to do what we are meant to do

As flowers grow from seeds

With the continuous presence of the Sun and the Water


I can devote my entire life and all my time to You

If that’s what You wish

But I do not think You gave me my talents and created me just so I will hide myself from the world

I do not wish for your efforts to be in vain when You shaped me with such attentiveness

When everything You do says that You love me

I want all that I do to reflect that I love You too


Eyes are the windows to the Soul

Even with masks on

They are enough


“You are…” this young man said in the Church, a man I don’t know

“Yes?” I asked him, looking at him, my eyes were soft, wondering what he wanted to say. They lost that look of haughtiness after Communion, the way I tend to look when a strange man were to speak to me in the past, as if he must be wanting something.

He did not reply, nor finish his sentence, but left the Church, with a smile.

But I felt like he saw me, for who I really am, before I even know whom I am becoming


Wanneer ik zwak ben, ben ik sterk, want mijn kracht komt van Hem. Hij is niet koud of hard, maar rationeel met een warm hart. Dat mag ik ook laten zien als ik Zijn licht zichtbaar maak. Dat Zijn liefde niet uit zwakheid bestaat maar uit kracht, en uit die kracht heeft gekozen om het te delen.

Where You and I meet

And if I were to glorify Your name

It will be glorified in Heaven

Into the day, into the night

The sun and the moon would merge

Into the sky, into the ocean

Into the depth of Your creation

Into my soul, deep in my heart

Where I become You, and You rise within me


The world is small

I had never expected to have to

Meet you again

In another form

In another person

I never expected you

To be


And if I were to follow You

Wherever You’ll bring me

I have to prepare myself for the Goodbyes along the roads

And if I were to prepare myself

For the ultimate goodbye one day

I am only going to be happy

For the practice I got