Let us not make another look bad for us to look good. Let us not mind to look bad ourselves if another wishes to look good. For we know what we are capable of without succumbing to the superficial. At the end of the day, the world may perish, but our integrity remains within us. Together with the magnificence of His grace and forgiveness bestowed upon us.

Let us contribute to building a world where people derive joy from their daily occupations. Creating an environment where people can thrive and excel with their strengths. Where the strong will help the weak to become stronger. Where we exercise our freedom with responsibility, and base our choices on love.

Let us remember our purpose, and how He died for us so we can do what we do today. Let us continue His work, in everything that we do. Let us not complain in face of difficulties, because if He can die for us, what can we not do for Him?

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