Last night I saw the disappointments of humanity, but today I again woke up to the light. Even thought the purity and fragility that makes everything more beautiful and worth protecting resembled, I now know there is no weakness in me that shall tolerate or even allow This Creation of God to be conformed into another disappointment to please the world.

Even the attachment I felt towards my upcoming baptism, is merely an expression in the visible about the invisible. A recognition in the world of what had already taken place inside. He had baptised me with His Holy Spirit, the transformation necessary had already taken place, and its continuance cannot be stopped. He created me to protect me from becoming one of the divisive forces in the world. United in me, He shall remain.

I cannot keep my life on hold and be imprisoned because of an attachment to a place, an earthly event, or even a person. Everything He planned for me shall take place one way or another, sooner or later. I need not to worry my hair grey for that.

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