It was in the smallest gift that went into the most thought. It wasn’t like I went to search for a gift suitable or even needed by someone. No. I did not put in the thought nor time nor effort to find it. In fact, I went there in search of something for me. Then I saw it, and thought about that someone. Thinking how suitable it will be for that person.

I bought it months ago, and never had the chance to give it. Never had the right opportunity to give it without it being interpreted the wrong way. Or even the right way if that shall lead to a less desired outcome – for the specific person, more than it will be for me. Or even for me, perhaps, in a way.

It was probably the least expensive gift I bought from all of them. But it was chosen with the most thought. So effortlessly, wholeheartedly.

And it hurt. How can it hurt to give someone a gift of joy?

Because in a way, you inadvertently, gave your heart with it. And you didn’t even know when you did it.

Or did you?

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