He appeared like a shooting star

She disappeared like a snowflake

Sudden and unexpected

Yet unforgettable, they were

A match made in heaven

And to heaven they returned

It was a moment in a lifetime

But eternal in God’s time


And if I were to write to You, it will be glorified in daylight

Why would some want me to keep it to myself? There is no secrecy in what should never become hidden

Everything I am was created by You

Everything I have was given by You

If You’re not hiding me, why should I hide You?

If You have declared Your love for me, how can I not declare my love for You?

In full glory, that’s the only way

I long for Your return more and more each day

With all my heart, with all my trust

I remain here, waiting for You


Amidst the chaos of my mind and the storm in my heart, God showed me once again that all shall be fine

Don’t be afraid, He told me once again

Don’t you know by now?

I will never marry you off like that


If you only know my plans for you


Trust me with all that you are, with all that you do

That’s all you need to do

Becoming Me

Probably in a previous life, I would have tortured you intentionally

Showing up knowing it will torment your heart

But I know a new me has risen when I chose not to show up

That I rather torment myself instead of confusing you

So again, I walk away so you won’t feel conflicted

And silently, I continue to pray

May you be happy

May you feel fulfilment

May you have strength


Last night I saw the disappointments of humanity, but today I again woke up to the light. Even thought the purity and fragility that makes everything more beautiful and worth protecting resembled, I now know there is no weakness in me that shall tolerate or even allow This Creation of God to be conformed into another disappointment to please the world.

Even the attachment I felt towards my upcoming baptism, is merely an expression in the visible about the invisible. A recognition in the world of what had already taken place inside. He had baptised me with His Holy Spirit, the transformation necessary had already taken place, and its continuance cannot be stopped. He created me to protect me from becoming one of the divisive forces in the world. United in me, He shall remain.

I cannot keep my life on hold and be imprisoned because of an attachment to a place, an earthly event, or even a person. Everything He planned for me shall take place one way or another, sooner or later. I need not to worry my hair grey for that.

The Gift of Love

It was in the smallest gift that went into the most thought. It wasn’t like I went to search for a gift suitable or even needed by someone. No. I did not put in the thought nor time nor effort to find it. In fact, I went there in search of something for me. Then I saw it, and thought about that someone. Thinking how suitable it will be for that person.

I bought it months ago, and never had the chance to give it. Never had the right opportunity to give it without it being interpreted the wrong way. Or even the right way if that shall lead to a less desired outcome – for the specific person, more than it will be for me. Or even for me, perhaps, in a way.

It was probably the least expensive gift I bought from all of them. But it was chosen with the most thought. So effortlessly, wholeheartedly.

And it hurt. How can it hurt to give someone a gift of joy?

Because in a way, you inadvertently, gave your heart with it. And you didn’t even know when you did it.

Or did you?