There is a cultural superstition about Friday the 13th. But people have forgotten the reason why this day is considered to be an inauspicious day.

Jesus was crucified on Friday, betrayed by one of his disciples; who was the 13th arrival at his Last Supper.

That was the bad thing that happened to humanity. But He was risen on Sunday. That’s why we remember his death and rejoice His resurrection in the Holy Eucharist. Because the risen Lord brought us hope and joy in our renewed Life. Where Sin is replaced by Love. Where the past was forgiven, and we are given a new chance to live. To love one another, in our unity with God.

So don’t be afraid, my beloved brothers and sisters, as there is nothing that is called bad luck when the love of God overflows our heart and our Love for Him brings us to the most intimate union transcending the material and physical world.

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