How do we begin to make great dreams come true?

Yet how do we begin to make great dreams come true? With great choices. Today’s Gospel speaks to us about this as well. Indeed, at the last judgement, the Lord will judge us on the choices we have made. He seems almost not to judge, but merely to separate the sheep from the goats, whereas being good or evil depends on us. He only draws out the consequences of our choices, brings them to light and respects them. Life, we come to see, is a time for making robust, decisive, eternal choices. Trivial choices lead to a trivial life; great choices to a life of greatness. Indeed, we become what we choose, for better or for worse. If we choose to steal, we become thieves. If we choose to think of ourselves, we become self-centred. If we choose to hate, we become angry. If we choose to spend hours on a cell phone, we become addicted. Yet if we choose God, daily we grow in his love, and if we choose to love others, we find true happiness. Because the beauty of our choices depends on love. Remember this because it is true: the beauty of our choices depends on love. Jesus knows that if we are self-absorbed and indifferent, we remain paralyzed, but if we give ourselves to others, we become free. The Lord of life wants us to be full of life, and he tells us the secret of life: we come to possess it only by giving it away. This is a rule of life: we come to possess life, now and in eternity, only by giving it away.

It is true that there are obstacles that can make our choices difficult: fear, insecurity, so many unanswered questions… Love, however, demands that we move beyond these, and not keep wondering why life is the way it is, and expecting answers to fall down from heaven. The answer has come: it is the gaze of the Father who loves us and who has sent us his Son. No, love pushes us to go beyond the why, and instead to ask for whom, to pass from asking, “Why am I alive?” to “For whom am I living?” From “Why is this happening to me?” to “Whom can I help?” For whom? Not just for myself! Life is already full of choices we make for ourselves: what to study, which friends to have, what home to buy, what interests or hobbies to pursue. We can waste years thinking about ourselves, without ever actually starting to love. Alessandro Manzoni offered a good piece of advice: “We ought to aim rather at doing well then being well: and thus we should come, in the end, to be even better” (I Promessi Sposi [The Betrothed], Chapter XXXVIII).

Not only doubts and questions can undermine great and generous choices, but many other obstacles as well every day. Feverish consumerism can overwhelm our hearts with superfluous things. An obsession with pleasure may seem the only way to escape problems, yet it simply postpones them. A fixation with our rights can lead us to neglect our responsibilities to others. Then, there is the great misunderstanding about love, which is more than powerful emotions, but primarily a gift, a choice and a sacrifice. The art of choosing well, especially today, means not seeking approval, not plunging into a consumerist mentality that discourages originality, and not giving into the cult of appearances. Choosing life means resisting the “throwaway culture” and the desire to have “everything now”, in order to direct our lives towards the goal of heaven, towards God’s dreams. To choose life is to live, and we were born to live, not just get by. A young man like yourselves, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, said this: “I want to live, not just get by”.

Each day, in our heart, we face many choices. I would like to give you one last piece of advice to help train you to choose well. If we look within ourselves, we can see two very different questions arising. One asks, “What do I feel like doing?” This question often proves misleading, since it suggests that what really counts is thinking about ourselves and indulging in our wishes and impulses. The question that the Holy Spirit plants in our hearts is a very different one: not “What do you feel like doing?” but “What is best for you?” That is the choice we have to make daily: what do I feel like doing or what is best for me? This interior discernment can result either in frivolous choices or in decisions that shape our lives – it depends on us. Let us look to Jesus and ask him for the courage to choose what is best for us, to enable us to follow him in the way of love. And in this way to discover joy. To live, and not just get by.


Saint Peter’s Basilica
Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe – Sunday, 22 November 2020

Friday the 13th

There is a cultural superstition about Friday the 13th. But people have forgotten the reason why this day is considered to be an inauspicious day.

Jesus was crucified on Friday, betrayed by one of his disciples; who was the 13th arrival at his Last Supper.

That was the bad thing that happened to humanity. But He was risen on Sunday. That’s why we remember his death and rejoice His resurrection in the Holy Eucharist. Because the risen Lord brought us hope and joy in our renewed Life. Where Sin is replaced by Love. Where the past was forgiven, and we are given a new chance to live. To love one another, in our unity with God.

So don’t be afraid, my beloved brothers and sisters, as there is nothing that is called bad luck when the love of God overflows our heart and our Love for Him brings us to the most intimate union transcending the material and physical world.


How do I know if the words came from me or from God?

My thoughts I remember, and know where they come from

God’s Words come to me, and before I know, they are gone


When I don’t write them down

I forget

And can’t even remember what I was thinking about when they came


Thus, the only moment when I really know,

Is after I have forgotten


All that remains

is that feeling

Knowing I was in the presence of Eternal Love and Devine Wisdom


The glorious vista surrounding me

I felt your blessing


How you always protected me from any gift you knew I couldn’t handle

How you shielded me from any glory that would have broken me


Everything you gave me you knew I could live without

Even when I thought I couldn’t, it was just your way of telling me to come closer to you


Now I know


Whenever you bless me with more abundance in life, I imagine my parting

The day I embrace it is the day I let go


Let go of the visible for the invisible

To step closer into the eternal