I can understand

Even if you’re Evil

Because somewhere deep inside

You too know Love


One day you too shall join me

To be reunited with Our Father in the Heaven


The Sun gives me strength

but the Moon knows all my secrets


I can feel something inside transforming

I have seen it materialising over the years


Day went into the Night

Night turned into the Day


Even in darkness, I can see Your Light


I’m tired of being perfect

Of meeting the human expectations of perfect

I feel like rebelling

Rebelling real hard

I suppose that’s how Lucifer must have felt


But I know that God loves me despite of my imperfection

So I continue to choose Him

And I continue to choose to be Good

To do Good


It’s not easy

And some days, it’s really hard

But “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”

Even when tu me manques


The love and warmth you feel do not come from me

They come from God


Without Him, I’m just an exterior awaiting

time to age me


We are both an image of God

A mirror unlike the alike

Imperfect to the Perfect


The light shining in the darkness

Enlightened by His Words


For God so loved the world that He sacrificed His only Son for us

What is our sacrifice compared to that of His?


Now we understand, yet still won’t know,

how He must have felt