I finished work early to take a walk around my neighbourhood. Typically me, waiting until the last day to do that, which I cannot leave undone.

As I walked around, taking pictures whilst being on a call, I bought a plant I saw, one that I could not leave behind. On my way back, there was a family of swans. One was adventurous enough to take itself onto the road. I stayed to see if I need to call the Animal Ambulance to guide it back into the waters, but the drivers slowed down, rang their horns quietly, and the Swan turned around, and found its way back. I could still hear their children calling, so it won’t get too lost behind. While the Swan had all the time in the world to be reunited with its loved ones, I found my way back to my house, to place my plant at home, before walking into another direction.

The joy and peace at the sight of one’s love remains a reunion of delight. I once again found time to have stopped, whilst taking my place in the sun. A blond man came to me: I’m collecting coins from the street, would you like to join me? He’s Finnish, lost his passport, and is a street musician. Told me a story I could only see from certain movies. Thankfully, he walked away at some point. Apparently, advising him to go to the Finnish embassy and to the Church was not what he expected me to say (I hope I don’t look like the kind of person who will collect coins with him either – after all, I rather stare at the Heaven than look into the Earth). Finally, I took a selfie with my beloved Peace Palace before finding my way back home, through the streets of light. I visited the specialty shops my friend recommended, and made myself a lovely meal. Of course, I had wished I went there already before preparing lunch for my guests last Sunday, but I figured, love goes through the stomach and I need to take good care of me, even when cooking for just one.

And yes, I do have a plant depending on me henceforth, her name is Snowflake.

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