On this sunny day, I was reading “Welcome Home” – a booklet given by the Catholic Church to prepare me for my baptism, when a bee landed on my chest. Another butterfly flew around my hair, and even a dog who was walked by a human started to roll on his back while he was walking pass by me. I looked up to the sun, to feel the warmth on my face, when I saw my neighbour’s cat staring at me from the window. I think even they can feel the love of Christ Jesus transforming my heart: giving peace and love back into the world, instead of the haste and stress from our daily working from home. I don’t think it was a coincidence when a bird walked into my house a day before while I was preparing lunch for my guests and kept the door open for fresh air. The bird needed some help, and we gave it water before setting it free. I sense that even animals could feel that this is a safe haven, even from afar. And I thank God for these peaceful days, allowing me to think how I can spread his love over the rest of His Earth.

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