Everything in life has been peaceful

Even the unpeaceful are dealt with peacefully


Feelings tranquil like the moon

Until I recognise a glimpse of happiness


God knows


The abundance of my love, enflamed whenever I spend time in His House.

The love I give back into the world,

whether I feel high or feel low


This newly embraced love,

how confusing it can be


I was, once upon a time,

a butterfly, after all


She loves wherever she goes,

I was told


How can I not love,

everything my Father created for me?


How can I not love,

when I’ve been blessed with so much love?


What once was empty is now full

I was once lost but now am found


What is there left to fear?

I have entrusted my life to Him ever since


I just don’t always know His will

But He gave me the freedom to choose

And His intentions are always good


How will I continue to choose (to do) good when tempted?


I could be a Saint

If I wasn’t a Sinner


How it’s easier to remain

Yet He loves me so

I’m worthy

To become as perfect

To be perfect

When I choose Him


He shall protect me from temptations

He shall give me strength and wisdom


It isn’t hard to resist

If secretly, we don’t desire otherwise


And the Devil knows


Which is why the more peaceful life becomes, the more struggles and temptations enter


It is up to me to resist

And to ask God for what I wish in life

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