Ode to The Netherlands

Searching for me within the sanctity of order.

Discovered me amidst the chaos of the world.


I guess that was what made me feel alive, to see how I operate outside of my comfort zone

To see what I can bring, to what yet need be established


But seeing your green and blue, organised and clean

That is exactly what home feels like


I feel calm and complete, knowing you still remain

the only home I wish to come home to


I need the adventure; where the wind blows

Just to balance it with your tranquility


where the fire burns and the water dances

Where I can be me, and you can be you

To The World

When leaders of the world are burying themselves under arms race, while the world is already burning.

Hell on earth.

If animals had a voice…

I wonder what kind of a world we’ll be in then.