Years of now I shall look back with blissful memories how I took the time to walk

the path meant for me


Many years ago

I lost me

To the abundance of life


Losing that abundance


With too much focus

On the essence

That wasn’t my essence


To the people and their demands

Nothing equal to my desires


That voice I once heard vividly

Became nothing more but background music


Having lived without feeling alive

I slowly rediscovered life


Rediscovered the essence that was part of me

Discovered the compass guiding me morally


Our very essence is not defined by mere convenience

It is shaped and confirmed through harsh conditions


What people see firmly towering calm waters

Without realising: they are the remains of the clutter I left behind


You came to my dream last night

The one who helped me see my current essence


The essence more true to me than I ever thought I could be

The essence wrong company never wanted me to see


You were always symbol to the essence of me

More true to me than I could ever be


It’s a form of love different than I knew

It has more to do with me than it was about you


It was something I needed to experience so I could decide the series of decisions afterward

To walk the consequences I would not have had I hid within the comfort


Though we were not right for each other from the start

I know now that I am ready again for love


For the abundance of life


To experience life without fear

What is right and wrong for me




I want to thank the series of people I met

Who contributed to this journey of eternal wisdom