Empty people require stuff

Insecure people need to point

Ignorant people pretend to know


Don’t let them bring you down

A beautiful soul will shine through the darkness


We don’t know about life after death

How can we claim to know about life at all?


Be who you are created to be


Life is too short to pretend

Too short to proof

Too short to satisfy


Everything that is not real eventually evaporites


You just have to know what you’re living for

Holy Grail

I was sad last night, because I woke up from a dream

Every time when I have to let go of something that consumed me, makes me feel empty



But life is passion

Life is full of love


Sometimes we have to empty our bag, to refill it with things we love

Sometimes we have to declutter our space with everything that does not give us joy

To be reminded of the purpose that matters


How I had wished at night for life to be easier

If I only…

But then I’ll soon be bored again

It is after all the journey that counts


It shall not be a Quest otherwise

The Cow

In the fast moving train bringing me from one place to another, I looked out of the window and saw a pasture. Just an ordinary green landscape of The Lowlands I have seen many times before. With the cows. A herd of them. Just lying there, lazily, enjoying the weather with each other’s company. Nothing worth writing about, until I saw another cow, on the other side of the field, walking far away from the others. My eyes followed the cow, while my train passed by, and I turned my head to see a glimpse of what was left to see. Curious about where she was going. I saw her turning at the edge. Perhaps she was just exploring the field. Bored from all the laziness.

I noticed that she put a smile on my face. Because I recognised myself in her.

Sometimes we have to embark on a journey of our own; to see what is more to see of life – and live what is authentically ours to live. If that means we have to do it alone, it only means we did not let us be stopped by anyone who did not want to join.

At the end of our life, it is a journey we all have to make; sometimes with good company, and sometimes with roads solitarily our own. If we are lucky, we may meet some fellow travellers on our journey. People – if not just like us – who’ll at least believe in us.


July 18, 2019

Into the Portal of Reflecting Glass

I saw the future

It was fearful


Beautiful big empty house

Empty soul


It was a reflection

It was a warning


The comfort of materialism

Shallow it remains


How I forgot my essence

In the instant of comfort


How I betrayed my soul

With the months I had washed away


It’s not a failure, I was told

It’s an enrichment of life


Experiences make wisdom


How I shall never again

be too afraid to be me