I am just sitting here looking out of the window

Into Beethovenstreet,

the prettiest street in Amsterdam


Just a week ago, I was feeling restless

But today, despite the heatwave,

I feel tranquil and peaceful


It’s like the river is streaming somewhere

But this moment is all I have


Feeling most myself

Being most controlled


Everything else is beyond imagination


How strange it is to realise


Tranquil little drops

Life descending from the sky


Melodious sounds

Washing away the dirt on our soul


Becoming one with the nature

We all shall at some point


Understanding our place in this big picture

We find peace in this lifetime


I guess we are all lonely

at times


It does not matter how

we look


It does not matter how social-

ly active we are


It does not matter because in our heart

there is



someone missing


Making us less



from the whole person

we once were


Home is where the heart is

Looks can be deceiving

Ode to the Difficult Women

There are invisible quotes around “difficult” that don’t appear in the title. Women who are strong, passionate and determined don’t walk around saying, “Oh, look, I’m difficult.” They just believe they’re living their lives. It’s a word slapped on them by other people. If you don’t care too much what people think, you risk being called a difficult woman because you’re not staying in your lane or doing what is expected of you. For the most part, any time a woman doesn’t do that she can be called difficult. When a woman inconveniences somebody she can be called difficult. A woman who believes her own needs, goals, and desires are at least as important as everyone around her risks being called difficult. One of the first reviewers said, “That’s a pretty low bar.” I said, “Thank you for making my point for me.” Because it actually doesn’t take much to be considered a difficult woman. That’s why there are so many of us. [laughs]

Excerpt from:


It is not that difficult

I came home and stopped writing

Lack of inspiration is sign enough


Until I met two men

Both marriage materials


I started writing about death whilst being alive

I started to write to him before a significant date


Talking to him brought me perspectives

Writing to you even more


Sometimes I need to push myself a little

To find the courage to stop caring


Stop caring about everything they find important

The things I won’t regret having left undone


At least for now

I have other priorities in life


But this too made me realise

“You” became “him”


“Him” has been replaced


And you are yet to come

Diem Meum

Decluttering our life from people that are not meant in it

I am in love with the city again


I can see this artistic life

Getting lost in the abundance of life


Sometimes my rising age fears me

Am I supposed to force myself to embrace

the responsibilities that society expects?


But what will life be if I stop living?

I have, once upon a time, already


Now I want to catch up on the lost time I had with myself


Carpe diem meum