I am having one of those moments like I did last year, asking myself if I want to stay a little longer…

I know sentimentality has become my forte; it’s hard to go back to the cold having become accustomed to the warmth. It seems like I have made it a habit to go to places and accidentally meet people I can really connect with. Sometimes I wish I can take them with me, and very occasionally, I think about if I should stay.

When she said I have a beautiful soul, it’s like I was finally seen for who I am and was accepted. When he spontaneously started to do things because he felt that was what I desired, I felt that words weren’t needed to express what I want. It’s the form of connection that is transcendent.

There was nothing romantic about any of this – except for the lifestyle perhaps. It was just a new form of friendship. All I cherished was that midnight conversation over a bottle of cognac with two people I felt most understood by, and whom I cared for in return. The kind of honest conversation, with no games, no interest, no reason. It just happened.

I wonder how many more of this I have to go through, if I should just choose a place and settle down. But I love my adventures. The variation of life is what makes life interesting. I wonder how long it will take before I’ll get bored otherwise. Building relationships is what I am good at. Maintaining it was never easy.

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