I looked at my poems

It’s like written by someone else

It’s like another life

I wonder if I had meant any of them

Or was merely carried away by

My Muse

3 thoughts on “Poetry

    1. A Muse can be a city, or a person, or even a situation inspiring us with certain thoughts or feelings. Many artists need several muses to create different art. It can also be a shift of mentality whenever we have ‘freed’ ourselves from a certain place or situation narrowing our view, sometimes we feel stuck in life, and see the world differently when we get out of it. It’s like how some people feel differently when living abroad, because we discover another part of us. Sometimes we get carried away by the excitement or the situation or the people we are with. It happens naturally, unless we remain observant and aware of it – which I did not do, and it was fine, as I enjoyed both the joys and less joyfuls of life, and only saw the difference in me afterwards.

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