I can be cold

I can be freezing cold


Silence before the storm

Only to prevent the storm


When you ask if I’m upset

I will pretend all is fine


Because that’s what civilized people do

We maintain – after all – the peace


When you see me in public

I will smile and ask how you are


Because that’s what civilized people do

It is called courtesy – after all


But don’t for once think nothing changed

That you can make claims on my time


Don’t tell me how many texts you sent

For I received none when you were expected to


For the efforts I once made to welcome you

Became past tense when you weren’t there


I remember the people who were

I came to appreciate them more


I appreciate the efforts they made

to understand my loss

The efforts from everyone else who weren’t my blood

while you remained silent, where


I know we are not perfect

It is only human to forget


But I lost appetite to show kindness

Only God knows how to forgive

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