People become sentimental when it comes to goodbyes. But we live in an era where we are only a flight away. It’s just a text or a phone call to reach the person we want to speak to, and to schedule an appointment.

Het zijn echter de gewoontes die het moeilijk maken. The people we come home to. The relationships effortlessly established. The life we created. At times we struggle, but it’s not so bad after all.

Every time we leave a place, there are things we take with us, there are things we leave behind. It’s not easy, despite of what I make it seem to be.

My brother once said when he was younger, that his sister is a butterfly. There is this innocence in children, something forever to be cherished.

Perhaps I have reached that point, were I would want to build something lasting, instead of this continuous butterfly life.

Perhaps my friend was right, it is not easy to leave a part of us behind whenever we go.

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