Beautiful in daylight

Magical at night


I felt my heartbeat

I heard my heart speak


From all the cities that I cherish

To you I returned


Just to feel the desire to be

a better person, like I used to know


At the end of my journey

I looked through my heart of glass

And saw the flame burning

Of what had been frozen long time ago


From all the things I had learnt from him

The games were the most everlasting


It was merely to shield me from

what was never right for me


A few months ago, I felt my quest had come to an end

But I wasn’t ready to go home yet

Until now that I understand


Love is a balance of loving ourselves and another

It is not about getting our way all the time


In caring for each other

Respecting one another

Making each other feel cherished and valued

We find ourselves becoming closer to who we really are


I don’t know what the future will hold

But I’m tranquil and happy

in this very moment

To entrust myself to fate


Because the best is yet to come

(Although it might take some time)

But everything will make sense somehow



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