I’m thinking, it’s not that bad when people have expectations of me. It can be exhausting when we don’t see eye to eye, but quite stimulating when we do. It pushes me to thrive. But pushing me the wrong way, and one creates the opposite effect. So I want to continue to be surrounded by inspiring and ambitious people.

I’m also thinking, instead of feeling bad about what cannot be controlled or changed, I need to learn to live more in the moment and cherish the present. The people that are in my life now. It is easy to say this when I’m on a plane, where I feel most complete and solely myself, but cherishing the present and those in each and every “present” moment will make everyone feel happier, including myself. It is the meaning we create with memories, and even if we disagree, how we negotiate our differences.

Life is about experiencing so we can understand. And sometimes it’s about accepting what’s different and let it be.

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