Missing Person

I once said that you are the last person I would ever want to say goodbye to

But we have arrived at the end of our road together


This time I won’t be coming back

I have learnt to cover my traces


Everything learnt the hard way is hard to unlearn

I should have let go before I started


Don’t mistake my kindness for anything more

It’s called courtesy

It’s called civilisation

It’s called mannerism


If I am laughing away your “joke”

If I am laughing away your “question”

Don’t be confused by my “entertainment”

It’s called diplomacy, after all


But if I say no – even with a smile

Just know that no means no

A diplomat may never say no, but a lady surely will


If you fail to respect that

Remember that respect is mutual

Don’t ever confuse my kindness for weakness

Remember, I’m a lawyer, after all


I can understand that in a way we are both afraid

Afraid of the fire this flame could bring


The kind of fire that will make one forget

where the one ends and the other begins


Melting us into one another

Consuming everything we once knew


Maybe that’s why we both hesitated

Because there is no coming back from that


Light Years Away

He knew

Micro light years away

That this is the closest she has ever let him near


Light years away

She felt more intimate with him than they have ever been


There is something beautiful in the way people try to say goodbye


If only we could melt what we try to keep frozen


Perhaps fear is more powerful than love

It takes a lot more for a person to stop being afraid than to stop loving

World Deals

People want to see the world

To discover another part

Another part unknown

Of themselves or someone else


Or are we merely trying to run away

From things we don’t know how to change

From people we have no way of escaping from

From ourselves, in the havoc of it all


But no matter where we run

We run into the same tied knot

Into ourselves, into the storm

To face, with courage, what is ours to untie

Weather Report

I can be cold

I can be freezing cold


Silence before the storm

Only to prevent the storm


When you ask if I’m upset

I will pretend all is fine


Because that’s what civilized people do

We maintain – after all – the peace


When you see me in public

I will smile and ask how you are


Because that’s what civilized people do

It is called courtesy – after all


But don’t for once think nothing changed

That you can make claims on my time


Don’t tell me how many texts you sent

For I received none when you were expected to


For the efforts I once made to welcome you

Became past tense when you weren’t there


I remember the people who were

I came to appreciate them more


I appreciate the efforts they made

to understand my loss

The efforts from everyone else who weren’t my blood

while you remained silent, where


I know we are not perfect

It is only human to forget


But I lost appetite to show kindness

Only God knows how to forgive

From Ashes we Rise

I am no longer running away from my pain or from everything that was not meant for me

Because for me, he stopped existing


My past is my past it belongs with the past tense

I have died and now I am alive


Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes that I once let burn



Everything that we once were

Everything that I once was to love him


But that’s what I needed to become me

It was a journey overdue but I have arrived closer to me than I could ever be


And the rest is fate

My fate


You can become a part of it

Or like the ones I thought was not meant for me,


I let go

Fire and Ice

Warmth melts

until I cease to exist


Into each other

Where I become you and you become me


It is beautiful

in a way


If I have not tried so hard to be me

Cultivating my mind until I become me


I guess we are both used to the cold

For fire to melt it all