A year ago today

Or even five years ago


Different people made me happy in different ways


I planned this trip like I would have spent it like a year ago

More than three months ago


Because I thought:

this is how I would have wanted


But experiences have shaped me

I didn’t realise how I have changed


I executed the plan I planned like I had planned under different circumstances

Just to realise I want something different than I did when I was planning it


A year ago today

I was different

At the same time,

I am the same


Just a different composition of what I feel like doing instead


So I think about my life

To the blessings of life


Having lived more in the moment

Complaining about the plans that fell apart


But I look back with a twisted smile

To all the things I thought I lost

Just to understand that if I didn’t, I might not have been happier instead


All the beauty in life are made of shadow and light

It is just the way the light falls…


That makes all the difference

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