Sometimes I’m just moody. Sometimes I’m temperamental. Sometimes I’m unbearable. Because sometimes I just want to be alone.

For various reasons that are private to me, and owe no one any explanation. Because the world has exhausted me to the extent that I no longer care about what others expect from me.

The only one I need to take care of in order to survive is me.

Today, I love. Because I woke up and saw the light. I had the clarity and energy to take on all that was on my mind, and was able to make all the difficult decisions. I let go of what I needed to in order to make plans to achieve what is important to me. That’s what the silence was for.

I used to fear my own silence but now it’s the safest feeling I have. Because I know everything will be alright, because I will make sure of it.

Changes are coming, but now I know. The woman has gone through enough to really stop caring.

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