We forgive the people whose arguments are uninformed, because they have the ability to be easily influenced and it’s not very nice for them;

We forgive the ones incapable of feeling compassion because they never received the warmth when they too needed it;

We forgive the ones whose eyes can only see themselves, because they never felt like they were in someone else’s heart before;

But most of all, we forgive ourselves for our incapacity to understand and the emotions we’ve felt towards all that has angered and disappointed us.


On this holiday that is surrounded by love and warmth, we think about the ones who are no longer with us. We light up a candle in our heart, where their presence will continue to shine.

We think about the years behind us, the hopes and dreams that were shaped and broken, and the peaceful heart we gained – a victory one should never take for granted.

We think about the year ahead, with renewed spirit and passion. The beginning of all that’s new and pure, and the ending of all that belongs with the past.

We think about the people we’ve met, some near and some far, who have sparkled our heart with warmth and wisdom – lights we would not have seen, if life went just as we had planned.

We think about the ones who were with us, during times less sparkling; life would not have been the same, without their company on a road solitarily our own.


With all that life has given and taken from us, we still are and forever will be, a human of our own:

With a mind that can distinguish right from wrong,

With a heart that can choose good over evil,

Because it only takes one pure heart to change the world,

Let alone a humanity of beautiful souls.


Merry Christmas, my fellow human family.

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