If we know that everything is temporary.

All the happiness, all the unhappiness, were merely momentary captions

Will we still spend so much time dwelling on something that would pass?

A few months ago, I wrote:

Observed how feelings changed over time.

Perhaps it was never anything meaningful to begin with.

I like to believe that feelings are important messages we send to ourselves. Providing us with information exclusively.

If we know where we want our end destination to be, will we worry about not having arrived yet, or shall we cherish every step that we take towards?

And if one day, we arrive at a lake on our way to our end destination, where we feel happy, tranquil, and at peace. Why don’t we rest a while and enjoy the view. Until we feel it is time to be on the road again.

Because everything is momentarily; we look at people with softer looks in our eyes. With more affection and love, because we know that this too shall not last. So why don’t we appreciate the time we have together, and make the best of every moment that we are blessed to share.

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