Part I

Winners go to war after knowing they have won. Losers go to war hoping to win.

I’m glad I have not lost that sensible judgment. It is part of generations of upbringing within my family. It is called an Art after all. I would have been a disgrace to my last name – and to my first name – if I were to have such amnesia.

Part II

How can we maintain peace if we are not constantly preparing for war? The strong will always do what it has the power to, and we cannot be so weak to have to accept it all.

We are the descendants of the Sun after all – the Aries Warrior – from the God of War himself: Mars. If I am not at least a step ahead of the seasonal change, how can I even prepare for anything?

So what happened to me?

Have I replaced my taste with tranquility, with poetry – the soft side that is the Moon?

I like to create new routines; to find order within chaos – to make myself (feel) more comfortable. But too much comfort leads to complacency. The beauty in this world does not only lie in its creation – it takes much more effort and perseverance to maintain. And maintaining something requires the will to commit. How do we ever know if this is the right choice that we are willing to dedicate our life – or at least, the near future – to?

All things in life are created with the right judgement between soft skills and hard power. We just need to know where the fine line is.

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