It’s been way too long since I attended a live classical concert, so I decided to have my own private concert tonight. It reminded me what really makes me happy. Not much at all.

Having lived outside of my comfort zone and challenged my growth since the end of January, I think I might be getting ready for my real challenge one day […].

I know a lot of people will prefer London or New York, or even Sydney and Dubai for that matter; but I’ve always been more interested in the holistic experience that the world brings. The struggles of humanity. The irrationality of life. The true nature of people. Being where I’m truly needed. Finding solutions to fix the global society. Not that there is nothing left to fix in what seems like comparatively better to most people.

Few people understand my decisions. But few experienced my flying from golden cages into glass houses. I think that until I taste the authenticity of life, I will never be truly free. If one is never really free, one can never choose to commit to anything. Without feeling suffocated.

I think it was during a Deep Work (Body Art) training today after work that I gave up on perfectionism – and I didn’t even care.

With every step we take, we come closer to our next step.

I have come one step closer to being truly free.

(August 1, 2018)

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