I am actually very lucky to have so many people who love me

To have so many people that I love

Even if sometimes my expectations are not met

It is better to have lived caring than unable to care at all




So many feelings confusing one to its core. Love is a complex phenomenon to be understood. It is the best feeling in the world but it can also torn one from the inside.

How often I have wished that I could be more selfish and irresponsible. But with freedom comes responsibilities. And if we only live for our own pleasures then what are we living for?

Always between countries, people, and feelings. The unique identity I shape.

If I can only put love out of the equation…


I would have been so much more happy

Sometimes I feel like the characters in my books were only created so I can be bold enough to solving my problems creatively. I fear for the ending where she would have been through the entire world and still end up accepting what was planned for her all along.


Sometimes I feel sad, not knowing if it’s for the characters of my books, or for me.

“I just want to live my life in accordance with the values I cherish, and the principles I hold dear, and none of which is motivated by money. I feel more deprived of freedom with money, and if losing all the money means that I can finally be free, then that is the choice I’ll make. Because I do not want to live a life planned for me, by others, without ever asking about what I want, without caring – without even thinking about what I want. I will not allow myself to be bought.” – Regina – who gave up everything to find her true self.

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