Many have asked me why I left this country I love so much. I have never really left. I simply embarked upon a journey – a quest one may say – in search of my heart. I have been feeling too cold in my Ice Palace, and went to a place more sunny to feel the warmth on my skin. To feel the warmth at all.

Sheryl Sandberg said that competent women are not considered as friendly. I made an effort to be both. But it is exhausting. Because there is a price we paid to become competent.

Someone once loved me while calling me stupid. I guess I purposely made him think that I can be underestimated. But the moment that he knew that I was smarter than him, it became exhausting for me to maintain the feelings felt.

It is not difficult to make a man feel like he is the King. But next to me, there is only place for the man confident enough not to feel threatened by everything that I am and not.

Despite that I get along with both men and women,

There shall only be place for one that I will be proud to call My Man.

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