The games people play

Become a web of their own

For the last two years I have adopted a policy regarding romance. I have seen it working on others; but resultantly, it was never anything I could be interested in.

Manners manners make the man

And the woman

If men are truly that obvious, then I have to consider spending the rest of my life with myself. Because I will either be bored to death or die of exhaustion. And I love my life too much to have died without having lived to its fullest.

I guess there might have been things I wanted to prove to myself. But satisfying my ego never brought me real happiness. Now I have given my ego what it wanted, I am going to give my heart everything it desires.

When it’s a matter of the heart

It is a matter of life and death

I am going to take better care of myself. It is time I give myself a break from meeting other people’s expectations. It is time I stop feeding my ego’s expectations, because they will never satisfy my genuine happiness. They will never bring me to my heart’s desires.

My heart’s desires is a quest on its own. There are so many things she tried to whisper to my mind. My mind is finally making a list to take care of them. I am so very grateful to the experiences in the last few months, that forced me to look through the heart I had let freeze.

Melting hearts, stopping time

We never know when we are the happiest until it had past. But we know it instantly when we are unhappy. Yet, we allow ourselves to stay in the state of unhappiness out of fear for the unknown.

Most people around us are the ones reinforcing our status quo. Mindsets are hard to soar when we remain in the same environment. Even in a new environment, we subconsciously choose people that reinforces a certain part of our identity. Psychology was always an interesting subject. I just never chose to do anything with it.

That’s why lately I have been experimenting. My own feelings have made me decide to put all men in the friend-zone by default. If I ever meet someone who is comfortable enough about his true self around my true self, that shall be the soulmate I give up my single life for. Until then, nothing is worth considering my quality time. Even if it means I’ll be old and wrinkled and childless at some point. It is worse becoming attached and unhappy, than being happy and free in life.

I hope honesty is more liberating

Being my true and authentic self

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