Pt. 1

Looks are deceiving

Words are misleading


All we have is our instinct

The feelings felt when

you are near


The illusion of truth

The reality of lies


It was clear from the beginning

I just didn’t see

the necessity


Pt. 2

No clarification owed

No commitment entered


Until it became necessary

For freedom to be retained


Manners manners make the man

and the woman


‘Though she saw the truth from the beginning

Her curiosity was greater to resist


He never saw anyone like her

His confusion had a mind of its own


The games people play

Became a web of their own


He wanted to own her

Not to love her


It took her some time to realise

She learnt to play their rules to outmaster


Her game was her solid defence

It defeated his game of conquest


The very truth is

There is no winner


in the game of love


Pt. 3

If it’s so sad that I wish to erase

It is the truth one never speaks about

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