Why God/Life always makes me feel like I have become as complete as I could be and put me in another incomplete situation. Because there is more for me to learn. Because I am not there yet. The journey will take a bit longer. Sometimes it is a lonely road, sometimes there is good company. But it is a road that we must walk alone, to arrive at where we want to end up. Or will it suffice to change our destination spontaneously just because of momentary impulses? If it makes us happy, and if there shall be no regrets. You can take your time. But do not be afraid to persevere. If we need strength, then let us pray/meditate.

Between men and career, I never chose for the man. I suppose that choice was consciously made so I won’t end up in an unhappy family and have history repeating itself. Even if that career is being built like a house. But at least I am building it with bricks I carried by myself from materials that I believe in. It will be mine no matter how it ends up looking. It is the only forever that I believe in, no matter which direction I decide to take. That’s why I am grateful for every opportunity that saved me from another unhappy attachment.

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