Heart to heart

Soil to soil

This moment’s goodbye is next moment’s hello


I have lost count of the times I’ve done this

It must have been often for I cannot remember else


I am not afraid to fly high for I know my soil

The fall won’t be soft but it shall be quick

The worse are the slow ones, for one does not see them coming

It’s not the danger we sense in darkness, but the ones we trust in daylight


Turn back time, turn back hearts

Whatever does real love really mean?

Memories erased. Pain killed.


Until there’s nothing but a shell of what once was whole


Hollow to hollow

Echoing sounds

It would be either

the best or

the worst of



(Written on January 18, 2018: It’s called “III” because it has the same sentiments as T&L I and II; but not the same circumstances as T&L. Unlike the annex to this poem, which I may as well call T&L III because of the style.)


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