Free at last

The moment I finally understood that I am my anchor. I am my compass. No matter where I go, I am home in my soul.

There is no one that holds my heart. No one who can disappoint me. Or near enough to hurt. I am truly free to go and be whomever I am destined to be. To live my life at last.

“Only when it’s dark enough can we see the stars.” (MLK)

I have gone whole circle in my inner journey. There are things beyond my powers, but I will love myself despite everything else. I will cherish and respect my values and principles in my life, and give myself everything I appreciate in life. I am ready for a new adventure.

I am free at last.

Mind, heart, and soul. United into one. United in me. Always and forever.


Her words were cold

But he read her eyes

Those eyes like fire

Avoiding his


Afraid to be caught

He felt it as she did


He saw the curl on her lips

That made him smile

His smile was warm

But his eyes were cold


Confusing her to her core

But she knew that he knows


He knew from the beginning

Seeing right through her mask

One moment is all he needs

She knew that too


Like a deer she disappeared

Into the darkness she called home

Into the forest she feels safe

Instead of the cage that he made