The moment I suddenly realise how I have been searching for the magic I lost over the years. Not realising how I lost it, or even that I lost it, because I never knew I had it. Until I resparkled a shimmering of it, which reminded me of how I used to shine – vivaciously.

The moment I realised how I have been pursuing a feeling of je ne sais quoi, because I am ready. It is time I stop searching in others what I can find in myself. It is time I stop hiding who I really am and start accepting every element that shaped me. There might not be a place I am truly home to, but I shall create that place I call home.

I am ready to charm the world with who I really am. It’s time to fly.


I have been feeling like I am becoming less of “what I am trained to be” as life forced me to think outside the box and become more open to other opinions. But the chaos of the unknown is frightening. Finding order in chaos is what I’ve always done, I never learnt to survive without knowing where to go.