The Wind Blows and the Tree is Never the Same

I can sit here and pretend that the noisy cars on the highway are just silent mountains echoing the sound of nature

I can pretend that this small manmade lake is actually much larger, and more natural

I can pretend I am looking at Traunsee instead, where I recovered from my first heartbreak

I can pretend I don’t mind the last heartbreak, that his actions were unable to touch me

I can pretend that no one looks at me while I am taking a moment to cherish myself and the nature


But the truth is larger than any pretence:

what is real can never be pretended

Love cannot be pretended, and should not be


When lies were thrown to win and promises are broken,

hearts die and dreams perish


What once was is no longer lingering

The wind blows and the tree is never the same


I cannot hide my loving this country with every fibre of my being

I won’t pretend as if my experiences left me untouched


Perhaps I am changed;

I know I have grown.


I no longer want what I used to