Road Trip

Looking out of the window enjoying the scenery. Suddenly I noticed a large group of birds flying in the sky. Divided in subgroups, with electric windmills around. I become worried that some might get hit. But the birds were so crafty; they avoided the windmills smoothly. I started to wonder, what if a bird got distracted by the beautiful scenery and decided to take a moment to enjoy the view; be it a surrounding with beautiful flowers or an idyllic lake. What if it noticed too late that the pack already flew away, and it gets lost whilst trying to find its original pack?

I just wondered.

Then the thought crossed my mind: that’s where the story begins.

There are no stories dedicated to those who followed the mainstream. Stories are written about those who have a story to tell. And I wondered about the story that lost bird has to tell me. I hope the bird enjoyed its journey, and never wasted a moment trying to chase after a life that was not meant for it.